Navigating the Crossroads of Technology and Security: Developing International Frameworks for AI and Autonomous Weapons

16th March 2024


                                                                                        Artificial Intelligence and International Humanitarian Law

10:00 hr– 10:10hr

Opening Remarks:

Abdulkareem Azeez, FIAE Director

10:10 hr– 10:20hr

Introductory Remarks:

Prof. Kasim Balarabe, Prof. of IHL Jindal Global Law School.

10:20 hr– 10:30hr

Opening Conversation:

Swaleh Hemed, FIAE Ass. Director of Programs

10:30 hr– 12:00hr

Panel 1: Intersection of AI, Ethics & Security

Bridging Disciplines: Addressing Complex Challenges in Modern Conflict

Chair: Alessia Tesoro, Intern – Firdaous Initiative for Academic Excellence




Dr. Manuel Brunner, Prof. of Public Law Police University Bielefeld, Germany

Topic: “Interdisciplinary Perspectives: need for multi-collaboration of experts from various fields, including technology, law, ethics, and security, to provide a holistic understanding of the challenges and potential solutions”.


Lea Mehari Redae, IHL Lecturer & Director Addis Ababa University IHL Clinic, Ethiopia

Topic: “The Role of AI in Modern Warfare: How militaries are using AI for surveillance, targeting, and autonomous weapons. Discussion around the ethics of AI in conflict and concerns about loss of human control”.


Edward Millet, International Law & Human Rights Legal Advisor, UK Government

Topic: “Protecting Civilian Data in War Zones: How data privacy is threatened when governments and militaries conduct surveillance and gather data on populations during conflict”.




1:20 hr – 3:00hr

Panel 2: Harnessing AI for Modern Conflict

Ais Impact on Evolving Battlefields

Chair: Adeke Mary Joy, Head Peace and Conflict Unit, Firdaous Initiative for Academic Excellence




Major Nassar Drago, Lawyer Uganda Peoples’ Defense Forces

Topic: “AI and Cyber Warfare: Use of AI for cyberattacks and defence during conflicts. Discussion of attribution challenges and escalation risks with AI-enabled cyber operations”.


Jolanda Pretorius, Assistant Lecturer, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Topic: “AI and Armed Groups. Discussion of attribution challenges in respect of armed groups”.


Dr. Foluke Mary, Teaching Staff, University of New England Australia &

Associate Prof. Tajudeen Sanni, Associate Researcher, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa

Topic: “AI and Marine Warfare”.


3:00 hr– 3:10hr

Closing Remarks & Vote of Thanks

Akinwumi John Ayobami, FIAE Ass. Director of Administration